Middle of nowhere, Az

middle of nowhere arizona. the picture has a saguaro cactus and a road sign pointing at a restaurant that served broasted chicken once upon a time.

  so, this picture i took in the middle of nowhere, arizona, about an hour out of phoenix. being in a place that looked like it should have been in “fear and loathing in las vegas” or some other indie movie was really awesome! i wonder when the last time …


a comparison of the same image in color as well as black and white.

oh boy, this black & white thing is looking to get out of hand… I have to admit that I’m enjoying this whole b&w thing way too much. the way contrast and structure, clarity and texture all are so much less and yet all the more than they might be …

A gnarly, textured tree at the edge of the south rim of the grand canyon.

gnarly tree revisited

heh…i was going to say, in a recent post…which isn’t really recent, but whatever, i posted a photo of a tree at …

San Francisco Peaks, Field, Clouds

San Francisco Peaks

This is a picture I took on the way back from the Grand Canyon to Flagstaff of the San Francisco Peaks. Pretty …

Grand canyon, a gnarled tree at grand canyon

Gnarly Tree

A very gnarly tree at the grandest of canyons! Posted for fun! Need of a revival!

dramatic sun coming out of the clouds with sunflare

wow, look at the time!

i am all too aware of how long it has been since my last post. i’ve been working out how to this …

cross processed photo of decorated birdhouse hanging from an apple tree on a winter day

birdies eat out in style

yay! it’s spring and everything looks more awesome since there’s light…like..this birdhouse here…umm. :D

a black and white panorama the golden gate bridge outside of san francisco

the golden gate

so, it’s finally 2011. not bad. 2010 was pretty cool, in all, however, i have a feeling that this year will bring …

a weathered and dilapidated doorway, rough walls. the photo was taken on one of the seven hills of rome.


after a long delay since my last post, i thought today would be a good day to do something about it. :D …